So! i’ve decided, as of today, I will be transitioning my hair from relaxed to natural. I rather not spend anymore time and money on relaxing my hair, when it grows so fast anyways. plus… takes me forever to go back and relax it. with that being said! as you can see in the pics.I have already started the process (thanks to me not liking to relax during pregnancy) and has grown out some. I have ALOT of thick hair, so instead of doing the “BIG CHOP” and knowing how I am about my length of hair. I think its better to just transition and slowly cut off the relaxed hair. I’m also going to update my journey of this process on here. so if any of you that have natural or going natural hair, an would like to give advice or share secret, it will be much appreciated! til my next update (which will be very soon. i’m going to cut some hair off) I’m going to continue to do my research!